We turn marketing managers into heroes

Total solutions for marketing and communication

ohappa is a communications agency that supplies marketing and communication services. We work 360° and shape our business based on our customers' need for support in the market.

Business-driven and performance-oriented marketing and communication is our specialty. Major focus is on digital marketing and sales; other important parts are personal meetings, strategy, planning and content production.

In some cases, we act as an independent marketing department, taking responsibility for the whole, conducting strategic issues, managing both production and operation, or completing internal market resources for companies or global groups. In other cases, we work with individual assignments or projects for both small and larger companies. We are ready to assist you in part or as your sole marketing department. Read more about how we work and our services.

Most of our customers are in B2B, but we also have extensive experience in working with B2C customers, for example in the service sector, care sector, personal assistance, culture and medical technology. In B2B, we work with groups and individual companies in the engineering, forestry and telecom sectors. Technically complex products and niche markets are nothing we are afraid of.

Some of our customers have their business in Sweden, but the vast majority operate on an international market. A global perspective in marketing is a large part of what we do. Read more about our customers.

Our guiding principle is to make marketing managers into heroes

This means that we succeed when our customers succeed. Our mission is to create growth and concrete results from our customers, thereby raising awareness of what relevant marketing can mean in practice. 


Many companies can grow further, especially if they strengthen their digital sales force. We aim to raise awareness of companies about communication, marketing and sales and how it can drive business. Read more about how to develop your digital salesperson.

Our value words are simple, daring and down to earth

For us, our values ​​are important at multiple levels. Simple means we want to be easy to deal with. There is no need to worry about things unnecessarily. Daring stands for creativity that requires courage and responsiveness, but also because we stand with both feet on the ground and are brave enough to dare to say something when needed. Down to earth means for us to be prestigious, humble and personal, but also to work for the good - both in relationships and at work.

Straight talking honesty is our policy

It is sometimes said that it is difficult to buy marketing suport. The industry is sometimes criticized for being unclear in its pricing and submitting proposals that don't meet the customers everyday business reality. Our ambition is to be straight and clear in our communication. Perhaps it is in our northern Swedish nature that we do not like unnecessary fuss or being on high horses. We want you to be yourself, feel safe with what and when we deliver and what it costs.

Please get in touch so that we can tell you more.