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Hire ohappa as an external marketing department or for individual projects

Our business is based upon our customers' need for support in the marketing. This means that we can quickly adjust and adapt to our customers' needs.

In some cases, we act as an independent marketing department, where we take responsibility for everything, conducting strategic issues and handling both production and operation, or we complement market resources within companies or global groups. In other cases, we are one of several suppliers and work with individual assignments or smaller projects. We are hired by both small and larger companies.

Our business approach is process oriented and our ambition is to be clear about the steps involved in the work we carry out. We want to make it easy for you as a customer to work with us and facilitate your choice to proceed step by step in delivering what you want .

In smaller companies, the needs are often larger but the resources are smaller. We train you and offer advice in marketing and social media. To make it easy to get started and so that you know exactly what you're getting, we've packaged a number of smaller services that you can combine with each other. In most cases you can do most of the job yourself, with the right tools and support.

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Tips and advice for what you should focus on to be effective in your marketing

Organization and good planning

Without organization and planning even the best of marketing efforts can fail. With a good plan, you get an overview and decide where to put your resources, which sections of the marketing are prioritized and how you can track expected outcomes. We have great tools that allow you to plan on a level that suits your business. Start easy, get help at the beginning and then choose yourself if you want to continue to hire ohappa or do the job yourself.

A good way to start is usually to look at what structure is already in place for spreading information externally and internally within the company. Do you have the right channels to reach the people that you want to reach? The next step is to make an annual cycle for the company, where you plot important dates and events and then you see what resources you have and set up tough but reachable goals.

We usually recommend most companies to start with a day's review of goals, business and target groups and the company's digital structure.

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Web and social media

We can't imagine a business today that is not available online. Even sales made within B2B often start with a spontaneous online search. Your digital sales force needs to be on form for you to even be considered. A powerful website that relieves your organization and allows the customer to interact with your business is the foundation of your company's digital communication. On social media you meet the customer and direct them to your web page, closer to the store.

We help you to create a clear profile online, set goals and drive traffic to generate leads and business through the web. With digital advertising, competitions and activities that suit your company's audience, we build an interested group of followers who you can communicate with directly.

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Delegate all or part of your marketing

Active marketing involves a lot of work. Planning, coordination and knowledge are the keywords. Keeping up to date in the rapidly changing digital world is a full time job - literally. It's as difficult as staying 100% up to date in economics. The tradition of using an external accountant or accounting firm is more established. Often they are considered more or less as part of the organization. We wish more people understood how an external marketing service can both improve the results of marketing, streamline work and relieve employees internally.

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