Emma Is Now an Umbraco Certified Professional

Emma has just completed two programs "'Extending the Umbraco Backoffice' and 'Umbraco application integration in the CMS platform Umbraco' meaning that she can now be titled Certified Umbraco Professional.

Umbraco is the leading NET-based CMS based open source platform. The tool is used to develop and update web pages and is very user-friendly. This makes it easy for customers to keep their websites updated with the latest content.

Emma is one of ohapa's two web developers. The other is Adam. Together they have combined 300 Umbraco points. The next step is to become an Umbraco partner and only 100 points are needed. The team also has experience in coding in other systems and has broad competence in the field of web development.

Please contact Adam or Emma if you want to know more about Umbraco and what opportunities it offers.