ohappa has been Procured as Theme Experts by Almi

In order for Almi to offer companies in-depth advice, linked to the company's development opportunities, Almi has procured various themed experts.

ohappa has been procured in two areas: brand development and digital marketing & keyword optimization.

"In order to fulfill our mission, we have employed business advisors with long experience of leading positions in the private sector. We have built a team of competencies that complement each other with international business, HR, marketing and finance managers. But in order for our customers to get the best development in their businesses, we want to link themed experts with in-depth specific issues. ohappa is one of our subject experts, which means we can include them when our customers have specific needs. It has worked very well and we are happy about the collaboration, "says Anna Rosengren, Adviser General Almi GävleDala.

"This procurement gives us the opportunity to contribute to others' business growth, but also give us an opportunity for us to meet the challenges of many companies. This gives us even more experience and knowledge about the challenges facing businesses and entrepreneurs," says Ola Engman, CEO of ohappa.

"We notice a clear need for companies to structure their marketing and to gain a greater understanding of what digitalization means for marketing and sales," says Ola.


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