A Work Experience Placement at ohappa

Emma Andersson who is currently doing a 10 week work experience placement at ohappa, is studying her second year of PR & Information. We’ve interviewed her to get an insight into what it is like to be on work experience at ohappa.


Now you've been here for 6 weeks, how do you think it's been so far?

I've fitted in well here. I feel that I’m included and involved in everything and after just a few weeks at ohappa I know that I’ve chosen the right industry to work in, in the future, which is just fantastic,” says Emma with a big smile.


Why did you choose to ohappa for your work experience?

During my last year in college we visited ohappa and other companies in Hudiksvall. ohappa stuck in my mind and I thought that sometime in the future I would like to be here for more than just one day. When we started to apply for an internship last autumn, I sent an email to Ola, because I already knew where to do my work experience, and then I got the placement I wanted!


What do you want to experience and learn during the time you are with us here at ohappa?

I want to learn how this industry works, especially now, when I'm under the same roof as highly skilled people, not only in communication, but also in the graphic and technical fields. It feels like I can learn about the industry as a whole. For example, if I'm going to write a newsletter or make a web page, then I have all the professionals here under one roof and I can get help on all aspects from those who are the best in their field.


What have you been doing and learning so far?

I have worked with Blodomloppet Hudiksvall which ohappa is sponsoring, as well as helping ohappa with their own marketing. Blodomloppet is the project I will be working from beginning to end during my time here. I have also been developing websites, writing texts, taking photos, making video clips and editing. I have been able to try out a lot of new things. I have never worked with customers before, but now I have worked with the Blodomloppet and have learned more about the whole process such as how to make suggestions to the customer, then to agree on a solution together. It’s not just about me coming up with an idea and that’s it, but you have to work out the best idea alongside and with the customer.


What's your view of ohappa now after being here for a while?

My view of ohappa is that they are real professionals! Although everything they work with is really professional and well done, there is always a humility behind everything they do, both with each other as colleagues and me as new team member and of course, with the customers. I had a very good idea of who ohappa was before and it has only improved!


What will you do after your work experience placement at ohappa, and how has it helped you so far?

It feels like after my 10 weeks, I will have a good picture of what I want to do in the future and I already know that I absolutely want to work in this industry. Now I also know that I want to work with customers and create and produce creative solutions. My time at ohappa has been very worthwhile!