Hudiksvall Instead of the Big City


Hudiksvall municipality has a vision that Hudiksvall will be Sweden's best municipality to live, work and live in. The goal is to have 50,000 inhabitants in the municipality by 2050 compared to today's population of 37,000. This means that the city needs to grow, and that there is a need for people to move to Hudiksvall.

The reasons behind a move can be many - a new job, studies, etc. For many, the dream of a new lifestyle is the reason, for example shorter commuting times and closeness to nature. 

At ohappa we have some employees who’ve already made the choice to move from a bigger city to Hudiksvall. Niël Swart, our newest employee at ohappa, is one of them. Recently he took the step of moving with his family from Västerås where they were living and working in Stockholm to Hudiksvall.

Niël Swart was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Sweden five years ago. His last job role was E-commerce Manager at At Six and Hobo Hotel in Stockholm, part of Nordic Choice Hotels. 

Niël has studied marketing and has worked in sales and marketing in various roles over the past ten years. He has the skills and experience of building a company's digital presence / infrastructure, developing strategies and writing content to drive sales, something he benefits from in his role as a Digital Strategist at ohappa. In his spare time, Niël gladly spends time with his family and also fits in his passions of golf, rugby and cooking.


What was it that made you decide to move to Hudiksvall?

We felt we had had enough of the high-speed life of the city and wanted to have more quality of life. At the same time, it was important to have the opportunity to further develop in our respective careers.

Moving to Hudiksvall was a simple decision when we saw the opportunity to live the life we ​​wanted, while there are good career opportunities. In the past, we spent a great deal of time on getting to and from our jobs, which meant that we had very little time together in our daily lives. Immediately after our move here we felt that we had more quality time with our children and time together as a family.

Another great advantage is being so close to nature. Here we are have easy access to activities such as golf, fishing and hiking in the woods and fields. It’s no longer a huge project to go out into the forest with the kids for the morning. I love sports and feel that I have more opportunity to do different activities here than I did before.

What do you think of Hudiksvall as a city? 

I think that Hudiksvall is the perfect size city, neither too big nor too small. You can walk or cycle to most places, and everything you need is here. Hudiksvall is a small city with a lot of activities and events, a bit like a larger city on a smaller scale. If we feel that we miss the liveliness and buzz of the big city, Stockholm is only to and a half hours away by train.


What would you like to say to others who are thinking about moving from a big city to a smaller city?

Look at what opportunites you have and what you are looking for. It is often difficult to choose a path towards more quality of life depending on the environment and lifestyle you are used to. However, once you have taken the step and moved to a smaller city, the decision will be rewarding in so many ways. I usually say that money can never buy time 🙂.