At the beginning of 2018, Monitor contacted ohappa. They wanted to rebuild their website but wanted external help with the structure/content, to make graphic form suggestions and develop modules for the website. Monitor wanted to build their website based on ready-made modules with different functions and graphic design. 

The project was initiated with a number of meetings with the client where the goals, target groups and target groups' needs were discussed. Based on these meetings, ohappa made a proposal for a structure and then Johan, ohappas Digital Designer unveiled a number of sketches on how a start page and a subpage could look graphically. After that ohappa’s Web Developer, Emma actually worked from Monitor’s office for a number of months and built the desired modules from scratch, together with Monitor's developer. When a number of basic modules were in place, Monitor took over the job and completed the website and filled it with content.

In parallel with this work, ohappa was also given the task of working out a technical manual for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order for Monitor to build the website as technically good as possible. We also made a checklist of what steps they would take in connection with the web launch to ensure that no areas were missed. Last but not least, we assisted with knowledge transfer and review of Google's various tools for measuring and analyzing web traffic. This work was carried out in collaboration with our subconsultant, Fredrik Fernlund.

Monitor has now launched the new website. Thank you for your cooperation and congratulations on a functional and fantastc looking website. Good work!