ohappa Increases Blodomloppets Marketing

Hudiksvall's Blodomloppet, blood donation run is 20 years old this year. Ohappa has become the local main sponsor for the race with the task of taking the event's marketing and digital communication to a new level.

"We are pleased to be able to contribute strategic skills and concrete efforts to deliver results. Developing communications always has a long-term value for companies and associations", says Ola Engman, CEO of ohappa.

Blodomloppet has become Hälsingland's largest annual recurrent exercise event, a real folk festival with thousands of participants each year. Blodomloppet is the only one that takes place in Gävleborg County and its primary aim is to raise awareness of how important it is to give blood, but also to highlight health and wellbeing. The race's organizer is Strands IF's Athletics Division.

"This is a run where everyone can join in, old and young. Participants can walk, jog or run. It's not about winnning, but attending to show support for blod donation", says Lars Nordström, competition leader.

Being a sponsor of Blodomloppet was an easy choice for ohappa. The meaning behind the run and its mission is completely in line with the ohappa's company philosophy regarding health and well-being. This year, ohappa will participate in the Blodomloppet run and invite other companies to do the same.

"Of course, we're taking part in the run. Blodomloppet is a great event, where you can have fun together as a time, while at the same time contributing to a good cause", says Lars Forss, Agency Manager at ohappa who, like many others at ohappa, is a blood donor.

Work has begun with a strategic plan and a commitment to building Blodomloppet's website, newsletters and social media. Digital marketing is a long-term work that requires both stamina and structure, something that ohappa has a lot of experience with. A marketing group has been formed to develop common messages, which includes blood donation centers. The social media prescence is growing steadily and the number of followers is also increasing.

Lars Nordström is grateful for ohappa's contribution as a sponsor.
"ohappa raises the marketing of Blodomloppet to a whole new level. These days in-depth and up to date knowledge is needed to penetrate through the large the amount of information there is in news feeds. The professional support from ohappa enables us to reach both public and targeted audiences. With new ideas and attractive image concepts, our strong sponsor creates great hopes for growing the number of participants for this summer's Blodomloppet run."


Lars Nordström, right and Ola Engman, left.