ohappa is now an Umbraco Partner

When ohappa develops websites we mostly use the web publishing tool Umbraco. Our web developer Adam Nilsson is an Umbraco Certified Expert and a few weeks ago, our other web developer Emma Rådbom also completed her third and final Umbraco educational training course to become a Certified Expert. As a result, ohappa is now an Umbraco Registred Partner. 

Umbraco is a very user-friendly .NET based open-source CMS system. The tool is used to develop advanced site websites to meet the increased demands of website visitors for user-friendliness and accessibility. The user-friendliness in the administration mode makes it easy for our customers to keep their websites updated with the latest content.

Ohappa's web developers Emma and Adam have broad skills in working within Umbraco, as well as other systems that require advanced coding. An important part of their job is to constantly ensure that ohappa is at the forefront of functionality, UX (user experience) design and user friendliness. To ensure that they are, Emma and Adam dedicate a few hours a week for working on proactive development.