ohappa Produces Podcast with Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB

At the end of last year, our customer Hudiksvalls Näringsliv decided to make a podcast about the business community in Hudiksvall. We were asked if we would like to start up the pod and also take care of recording as well as distribution. Just before Christmas we set up the framework together with Hudiksvalls Näringsliv. Afew weeks later we recorded the first pilot episode where Roger Sundström and Karin Snell talk about the purpose of the podcast, what is happening at Hudiksvalls Näringsliv right now and what services they offer.

In addition, they are promoting their service to help people and business move to Hudiksvall called 'Till Hudiksvall' and the train link service, which will operate from Stockholm to Hudiksvall in September 2018.

Roger Sundström, Managing Director of Hudiksvalls Näringsliv, will host the upcoming episodes that are being recorded in connection with the breakfast meetings Hudiksvalls Näringsliv will hold throughout the year. Producing, recording and distributing podcasts is a new area for us at ohappa that we would like to do more of. If you are interested in getting out into the pod-ether, get in touch and we'll book a meeting!

Listen to the Hudiksvalls Näringsliv podcast by following this link

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