The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media

Videos are king and are poised to remain so, with a predicted 80% of all traffic consisting of video by 2021 according to data from Cisco. And according to TechCrunch people watch 1 billion hours of Youtube social video per day.

So, no matter what your business is, it should be a key part of your content strategy. But if you’ve never done it before, or you’ve tried and aren’t getting results, where do you start?

What’s So Great About Video?

The allure of social media video is quite simple: In a world where we are constantly bombarded by digital messages that seem so far away and impersonal, seeing a person’s face and hearing them talk is meaningful. It gives us an up-close-and-personal feeling and lends authenticity to a person’s message as well. All of this equates to greater trust.

A video is also very versatile. We can create one or several small snippets that act as placeholders and brand-building tools for our business and share and re-share over time and across different platforms.

And while there are plenty of fancy, interesting things we can do (higher-quality video will continue to have a competitive edge), we can also keep it super simple. Sometimes just a brief but powerful message from the comfort of our own home can say so much more than a text-heavy blog or an overly-salesy ad.

If you are interested to make video part of your marketing strategy for 2019, please contact us today and let us make magic with video together for your brand or product!