Time to Fight for the Budget!

It's that time of year again. The time when next year's marketing budget will be set and the future strategies will be decided. Should you invest more in 2018 or keep to the same budget? Are you on track or are you going to change course? What channels and campaigns should be prioritized and how can you reach the best possible results? There are many questions and as a marketing manager, you are the one steering the ship.

As a Marketing Manager, it is your task to create the communication that promotes the company in the market and paves the way for the sales department. If you do a good job, their task will be a walk in the park. Your decisions and actions will make your potential customers curious about the company, initiate contact meaning that you could be the company they choose when it's time to buy. You communicate the company's core values, offering and overall messages that create the image you want your customers to see. So now when it's time for next year's planning ... make sure to fight for your budget! Your job is one of the most important in the company and your budget should be prioritized.

We know you are juggling many balls in the air right now and we are here to help you with tips, advice and support in your marketing efforts. With our long experience in this we can ensure that all the balls you are juggling are kept in the air and that when you throw them away one at a time, you get maximum effect. Welcome to ohappa.

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