What digital trends are we facing in 2018?

What digital trends will we see in 2018? Hmmm .... It is undeniably an exciting issue. We have looked a little closer at the development of web design and these are some of the upward trends:


1. More opportunities

We will see more websites that break the old rules. Texts, graphics and images will have bigger scope with unexpected layouts, sizes and colors. The purpose is to surprise and awaken curiosity in the website’s visitors. Playful Illustrations and icons will be an upward trend and new, innovative animations are being developed to highlight the most important content in a more efficient way.


2. More of everything

We also see a trend that goes away from the minimalistic and instead opens up for maximalism! Here the key words are "More of everything". For those who dare there are no limits. Forget ‘light and fresh’ and instead consider breaking all previously unwritten rules. This means more imaginative ways of attracting readers and make the visitors take action.


3. Quick messages

Video has been on the scene for a long time and the trend is still pointing upwards. Google, Facebook and YouTube now invest in 6-second commercials, as many users want shorter and more intense advertising messages in their streams. The question is: How would you present your business in 6 seconds? 


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