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ohappa can be be your external marketing department or for individual projects

Strategy & Planning

In the digital age, it is more important than ever to have the right organization and planning. With a good plan, you get an overview and can clearly decide where to put your resources, which sections of your marketing work should be prioritized and how you can track expected outcomes

Planning in this way has many names and there are a multitude of smart names and different ways to control marketing and communication. All types of market planning are based on the company's business plan and goals.

Plans are best when they act as frameworks and living documents that make use of everyday life. Not when they are used in a square way to detail and over administrate.

We have great tools that allow you to plan on a level that suits your business. Start simple, get help at the beginning and then choose yourself if you want to continue to use our expertise and production or do the job yourself.

A good way to start is usually to review how the current structure spreads information externally and within the company. Do you have the right channels to reach the people you want to reach? The next step is to make an annual cycle for the company, where you plot important dates and events and then you see what resources you have and set up tough but reasonable goals.

We usually recommend most companies start with a day's review of goals, business and target groups and the company's digital structure.

Communication Strategy

With a communication strategy you have something to keep in mind when things get busy. It is a concise document that sets the direction for those who work with communication in different ways in the company.

The communication strategy explains which overall messages, channels and target groups are prioritized and how the company should develop its communications, both internally and externally.

Using the strategy, you can then develop a communication and / or marketing plan and an activity plan used in your daily work.

Marketing and Activity Planning

A well-developed marketing plan will give you a good overview of the current situation, but also a clear picture of the opportunities ahead.

The plan creates the prerequisites for creating marketing activities that take your business in the chosen direction, communicating with the right audiences, and using relevant content through the best performing channels, saving you both time and money.

We will help you to develop a marketing plan that provides overview and structure. Different companies have different needs and maybe you have already come so far, but just need to budget and resource specific activities and events in the company. If you have already done the ground work then we recommend planning activities based on the company's annual cycle and calendar.

Contact us and we can tell you about the needs and situation of your company so that you can take the next step.

Business types, Target Audiences and the Digital Structure

A good way to get the ball rolling on your marketing planning.

During a day's workshop, we review the company's most common types of business and main target groups. We also look at how digital channels can assist and simplify the sales process. The result is a documentation with suggestions on which target audiences and channels the company should prioritize as well as proposals for further action. After the workshop you are free to use the material for further work in your company.

This is highly recommended to those who work with marketing and sales, CEO's or board members and those who want to improve the company's development.

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Customer Survey

You get results by knowing your customers, working structured and communicating consistent messages with good timing.

It's important to listen to what the customer has to say. This applies to all companies, everywhere. Of course, that sounds obvious, but the fact is that you sometimes forget the customers during your marketing. A thoughtful and thorough customer survey makes it clear where resources should be added and what direction the marketing efforts should take.

We can create a customer survey package made specifically for your business.

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