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ohappa can be be your external marketing department or for individual projects

Web & Social Media

The digital jungle may seem complicated, but it is not as difficult as it can sometimes be percieved. With our help, you are prepared for the digital strategy and help keep your channels up to date with relevant content. We help you create a clear brand online, set goals and drive traffic to generate leads and business through the website. With digital advertising, campaigns and activities tailored to your company's target audience, we build an interested group of followers who you can communicate directly with.

We help you to 

  • Plan and structure
  • Develop digital channels
  • Manage and run content
  • Convert and sell
  • Analyze and report
  • Optimize and improve

Your Digital Salesperson

Imagine your web page and the impression your company provides online as a person, a digital sales assistant. What do you see? Is it a nice, well-read and service-oriented person who greets the visitors? Or maybe an abrupt and badly updated person that barely wants to share your contact information? Is it a person you want to represent your company in important contexts?


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The website is the central point of your digital communication and acts as a hub, where you can drive traffic through other digital channels, such as social channels, personal contacts, advertising, etc.


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Social Media

The benefits of marketing through social media are many. For example, you reach a niche and relevant audience while meeting the customers in their arena and can build a sense of community. At ohappa, we can help you get the relevant messages to reach the right audience.

Content – Digital Contents

With a regular flow of shorter movies, news, campaigns and relevant content, you keep your digital channels alive. Customers return, you rank higher by Google and the target audience gets answers to their questions.


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Leads Conversion

Can digital communication lead to business? The answer is simple. Yes - if you give the audience what they are looking for.


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Analysis & Optimization

How well does your website actually work? What reach have your updates had on Facebook? How many opened the newsletter you sent yesterday? We can provide analysis and tailor made reports that can serve as a basis for continued optimization.

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