Privacy Policy

We constantly ensure that our policy is updated and that the latest version is available via our website. It is important to us that you feel safe with how we handle your personal data. Therefore, we are open about collecting, processing, and sharing the data we store with us. We also never sell your data to other companies.

The information we collect

We collect data on how our visitors use and browse our website. The purpose of the data collection is to enable us to develop our website to meet our visitors' needs based on usage to provide the best possible user experience.

Several of the functions we use on the website are dependent on us storing cookies. We save cookies for 24 months, but you can delete them yourself by following instructions on how to delete cookies in your browser. We also collect information from the visitor's IP number to keep statistics and analyze to adjust the content to become more relevant to the visitor.

We use cookies from other online services, so-called third-party cookies, for:

  • This informs us how our website is used and helps us improve its navigation, content, and offers.
  • Social Media. These cookies allow you to use social media features such as Facebook "likes" or tweets and other updates or messages directly from our website.

Here is a list of the services we use to analyze and keep statistics: Hotjar, Cloudflare, Addthis, Facebook, Google, and Hubspot.

Personal data assistant, sub-assistant

We use different services on behalf of our customers based on each customer's needs. List of services hired by ohappa as subcontractors: Hotjar, Cloudflare, Addthis, Facebook, Google, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Weebly, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


For us to be able to process the information we receive via our forms, we need to save personal data and thus consent to do so. For the consent to be an active choice and therefore valid, we use a "checkbox" that you should mark when you have read and understood our privacy policy. We will only process personal data necessary to fulfill the form's purpose. Personal data will be deleted at the data owner's or authorized person's request. We never sell your personal data to other companies. Please get in touch with our technical support for more information on the deletion of personal data.

Attachments in forms

When you attach documents containing personal data, and because we cannot control what personal data is shared in attached documents, you consent to us access them. We never sell your personal data to other companies.

The information we save

We save all the information you fill in when you submit a form on our site. This can be information such as e-mail address, name, telephone number, and address. Remember that all the information you enter in the forms is saved.

How long do we save the information?

We use the data for statistical purposes, which enables us to make critical functional changes to the website to improve your browsing experience. We may already send newsletters, but if you do not want to receive these, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter you receive. For other questions about personal data or information you receive, contact us via the contact section on our website.

  • Website visits: up to two years
  • Form: indefinitely or until the person who owns the information contacts us and requests that the data be deleted.
  • Attachments sent via a form: indefinitely or until the person who owns the information contacts us and requests the data to be deleted.
  • Newsletter: indefinitely or until the person who owns the information unregisters from the newsletter.

The newsletter

To share what is current in our industry and our offers, we send out our newsletter to people who have chosen to receive it. To make these mailings, we save our subscribers' e-mail addresses and first and last names. We are the data controller, and our supplier, Mailchimp, is the data processor. Our subscribers can deactivate their subscriptions via the newsletter's deactivation link. We never sell your personal data to other companies.

Cookie Policy

When you visit our website, we sometimes send you cookies. A cookie is a small file downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Cookies allow our website to recognize your device on your next visit to make browsing the website easier. Some of the functions they help with include page navigation, login, or other settings you have made on a website during your visit. A cookie does not harm your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How you can control cookies

Most browsers accept cookies. As long as you have not disabled cookies in your browser, they will be activated when you visit the website. You can set your browser not to accept cookies or to delete them. Using our website, you also accept cookies per our cookie policy. If you do not accept cookies, you must actively deactivate cookies in your browser or avoid visiting our website and missing out on our offers.

Use of cookies on this website

We use cookies for the following reasons

  • Technical functionality when using the website, thus tracking your current session and facilitating your next steps in using the site.
  • To distinguish the web users to make your experience more personalized and relevant to your interests and to help you access the information more quickly the next time you visit the site.

Session cookies

These cookies are not stored and are deleted when you leave the website. Session cookies enhance your experience and the key activities the user wants to participate in while visiting the site. This type of cookie is essential for the website's visitors in terms of use and functionality. Without this type of cookie, it is not possible to use shopping baskets or payment services on a website.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors navigate the website and which subpages receive the most visits. The data from these cookies can be used to optimize the website and make it easier for visitors to navigate correctly.

Functionality cookies

Facilitates the choices made by the user during the visit. For example, your geographical location can be stored in a cookie to customize the website based on your location. Cookies can also manage the display of products and videos to avoid displaying the same content each time you visit the site.

Further information

Visit the website: or to learn more about cookies.

If you don't want to share your information

If you do not want to share your personal data, you can choose not to save cookies from your browser. Regarding personal data linked to forms or newsletters, you can choose not to fill in your data or use a pseudonym.

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