The employee journey

We help you create an attractive employer brand

The employee journey

We help you create an attractive employer brand

Strategy and goals

What is your recruitment strategy? How do you find new employees? Do you need help attracting the right skills? Many companies face significant challenges in finding staff who create value. Building an attractive employer brand is a long-term process. We help you create a well-thought-out strategy that strengthens your brand towards the labor market and attracts the right skills to your company.

Employer branding

How does the labor market perceive your company today? Is it a company that attracts, or is it one of many? What values do you transmit? Building your employer brand is more than just attracting staff when recruiting. We have extensive experience in building attractive employer brands together with our clients. After in-depth target group analysis and strategic choices, we create a visually appealing brand that attracts new employees to your company.

Planning and structure

How do you go about recruitment in practice? Could there be other ways to get the right skills? How do you introduce new staff? A clear and elaborate communication framework ensures that new staff feel welcome, appreciated and inspired. We help companies create a well-functioning communication structure that supports the recruitment process, both before and after employment. With smart training tools, we ensure an effective start-up of new employees.

Digital presence

An essential part of the employer brand is now being built digitally. Potential employees are updated and educated about the companies they are interested in and usually get their information online. Therefore, creating several digital platforms for communication and dialog with your future competencies is essential. We ensure your storefront is freshly polished, engaging, and welcoming. We open the digital doors for the next generation of employees and create attractive, transparent, and interesting channels for your company.

Dialogue with the labor market

What is the current state of your communication with the labor market? Are you satisfied with the previous results? Are there undiscovered routes to the best skills? Finding new arenas for dialogue can attract the people at the top of your wish list. Finding the right skills is one of the biggest challenges for business growth today. We'll help you develop your dialogue with the labor market through creative arrangements and value-creating activities.

Recruitment support

Recruiting is often difficult and expensive, but hiring the "wrong" person is significantly more costly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you have the proper recruitment support to get the process right from the start. We help you create presentations, videos, and advertisements that arouse curiosity and interest in your company among your future stars.

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