DellenMejeriet | Client journey

From 0 to 10 million litres in 5 years


Packaging design and creative marketing communication for locally produced dairy products

DellenMejeriet was founded in Delsbo in 2017 by seven enthusiasts with a passion for locally produced food. Ohappa was assigned to develop the brand and packaging design, a collaboration which resulted in stylish and distinctive packaging. Since then, we have had the honour of being part of DellenMejeriet's growth journey with and expansion of the product range. Or relation has developed into a full-service agency assignment including digital presence, packaging design and creative marketing communication.

Key elements in the assignment:

  • Logo and visual identity
  • Packaging design and tone of voice
  • Responsive website
  • Content production (image, text and illustrations)
  • Ads and campaigns
  • Social media planning and content production

DellenMejeriet supplies dairy products made from milk from nearby farms. The aim is to support local dairy farmers, reduce transport and keep the countryside alive. The range includes milk, yogurt and cream, mozzarella and grilled cheeses.

Among other things, the dairy was the first in the world to offer a complete product range with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, using TetraPak's TetraRex® Biobased packaging, which is made entirely from plant-based materials.

DellenMejeriet's products are available in grocery stores throughout Hälsingland.

Cooperation with Tetra Pak

First in the world with fully plant-based, Nordic Swan Ecolabel packaging

In 2020, DellenMejeriet was asked by Tetra Pak to be the first in the world with a new type of Nordic Swan Ecolabel packaging. The answer was obvious. Since ohappa had designed the previous packaging, we were also asked to design the new ones.

The new packaging is called TetraRex® Biobased and is made from plant-based materials only. This helps to reduce the use of fossil materials. As the printing technique was different from previous packaging editions, it was quite a challenge to match the brand colour palette. The result was packaging with a palette of matt, calm colours.

For the launch, we also developed advertisements, a brochure, a poster, a roll-up and updated the DellenMejeriet website based on the new design. The launch took place in the summer of 2020 and the new packaging was very well received by stores and consumers.

"We have been working with ohappa for several years and are very happy with the cooperation. The packaging stands out from other products on the dairy shelves, and we are very proud of the design. The team at ohappa is incredibly good at bringing us new ideas and suggestions. Thanks to the good dialogue we always find the best solutions."

Leif Björklund, CEO, DellenMejeriet