ENACO | Client journey

With a mission to protect critical infrastructure


Revamp of the company's communication

Ohappa's mission began with a revamp of the company's communication. ENACO needed a comprehensive communication that reflected the company's business and culture. Based on the company's business plan, a long-term project was initiated, with the initial target to launch a new website filled with content within six months, with a simultaneously rollout of a new visual identity.

The work started with a branding workshop with the company's management team. Next step was a workshop focusing on the customer journey and identified the communication needs of different customer types at each stage. Once this was done, the groundwork was laid for the upcoming operational work.

Building upon the company's existing logo, ohappa created a visual identity with color schemes, typography, imagery, tone, and accompanying templates. The work then continued with creating a logical website structure, UX design, and content production for the website to reflect ENACO’s services, offerings, references, and employer brand.

In collaboration with the company's CEO, sales organization, and selected customers, website content was created, consisting of images, texts, and customer cases for the website.


The work includes, among others:

  • Visual identity, graphic guidelines, and presentation materials.
  • Web design and technical development, as well as content publishing.
  • Text and image production for the web.
  • Project management and coordination.

ENACO is a pioneer in the Swedish data center industry with over 40 years in the business. The company builds and upgrades technical environments for critical infrastructure. With a clear customer focus, strong team spirit, and a nationwide service organization, ENACO works proactively with customers across the country.

The company's offices are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, serving businesses and organizations in both the private and public sectors.

"My experience with ohappa is entirely positive. They are professional and creative, with the ability to quickly understand our business and meet our needs. Their warm and unpretentious approach has also meant a lot to us.”

Mikael Berggren, CEO ENACO