Rundvirke Skog | Client journey

Sweden's largest supplier of special timber


From newsletter to external marketing department

In 2020, our relationship with Rundvirke Skog started with content production for a newsletter. From there, the assignment has developed into a full-service collaboration where ohappa acts as Rundvirke Skog's external marketing department.

With a new CEO at the helm and committed employees, the timing was right for a major strategic effort. The aim was to clarify the company's position on the market and create a consistent and increased customer focus in communications. An essential part of the collaboration is the anchoring with the CEO and the management team. Through workshops and close dialogue, the management team and employees are involved in the communication work, where ohappa is responsible for concept development, process management, and implementation.

Key components in the assignment:

  • Strategy and marketing planning in dialogue with the management team and the CEO
  • Regular reviews and planning sessions
  • Digital presence – planning, content production, social media publishing and advertising and ongoing communications
  • Production of films, images, slideshows and presentations
  • Product launches and campaigns
  • Webinars, trade fairs and events
  • Concept development and activation

Rundvirke Skog is Sweden's largest supplier of special assortments and provides all companies within Rundvirke Industrier with high quality special raw materials.

The company seeks long-term partnerships with forest owners and offers a wide range of forestry services, including forestry advice, forest management, forestry plans, forest inventories and classification of special assortments.

"ohappa has become an indispensable partner for us in our branding work. We greatly value their ability to work strategically with a long-term perspective and operatively with daily communication. They always act professionally and in a down-to-earth manner. They understand our industry and quickly recognize our needs – while being creative and innovative. They help us effectively communicate our message to the stakeholders we need to reach."

Fredrik Granath, CEO, Rundvirke Skog AB